IQC RTC Confined Space Rescue Team
Qualification and Certification

IQCIA Certified Rescue Teams

Engineered Well Services, Class IQC RTC 201470
HydroChem Rescue Team, Class IQC RTC 2016160

Class IQC RTC 201470
“Flying Dragon Rescue Team”

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Class IQC RTC 2016160
  HydroChem Rescue Team


           IMG_20150220_130453343_HDR[1]Certification is valid through June 2019

Arthur Holland III, Quentin Daniels, Ruben Linares, Jorge Inocencia, Sherondan Houston,
Omar Mireles, Sotero Gaona, Ruben Luna, Vincent Smith, David Esamilla,
Robert Kelly Jr., Armando Martinez


 Action Shots and Testimonials From the
IQCIA Rescue Team Certifications


Tim Hamdorf   “Zeus”

“Redefined the phrase world class. The photos we took form the start to the finish shows how much the team has grown together and how now understands the importance of a well organized set up and can rescue victims.”


Jonathon Mattoon “Ace”                                                        “Removal of Heat Stress Victim”

“This class has shown be that my previous rescue training was so inadequate, that I did not know the right questions to ask. David was a great teacher, the class was very well organized and now that I have received this training, I feel my team is truly rescue ready. The IQCIA Rescue Team Class has provided us with the knowledge to not only save a life in a real world situation, but to prevent the situation form ever happening.”


William Casarez “Bull”

“This rescue class really showed us the proper way an methods to perform a rescue. We discussed many different scenarios to facilitate the rescue process. The class was very informative and the instructor was top notch. Now I feel as if I can be in any rescue situation and feel comfortable with my and team abilities to perform a successful rescue. Thank you for your expertise and knowledge.”



Ricardo Rivera “Gambler”

“I learned a lot of material about rescue that I never knew before and I was rescue trained. After the IQC RTC class I feel more prepare to save someone’s life than I did. Dave did a good job of teaching us the proper way to do a rescue.”


Tim Jordan “Junior”

The most advanced training I have ever had. I have seen many rescue DSC_0564crews in the field with rescue equipment sitting in the tailgate of a pick up during entry, as we a bag of rope and a backboard sitting in the the entry point. The job set up I have learned is world class, I want to be the rescue team that the customer can drive by my site and say I feel comfortable with them doing a rescue.”

Mark Mathews “The Saint”

“I came in not knowing anything about rescue, but with the teacher we had, and the training he put us through, I know my team and I will do excellent out in the field. I have learned so much and I am looking forward to putting those skills and knowledge to use by saving someone’s life.”



Joy Sanchez “Slick”

“I enjoyed the class very much. I came in at the entry level, having completed rescue training before. I relearned the job set up, paper work, task assignments and rescue planning, and overall rescue techniques. I learned a lot everyday and I feel confident in our team doing rescue. My instructor was very patient and knowledgeable.”


Collie Morgan “Lassie”

“I thought I knew rescue until Dave showed me the right way. I feel like I would have cost someone their life with the training I was first taught. I fell like now I am very prepared for a confined space rescue. Dave teaches you how to always be rescue ready.”