Originality, Experience, Commitment


We originated API TES preparation courses in 1998, and the IQC TES program in 2002. The IQCIA and the IQC TES Program was developed for one reason, we could no longer justify conducting 3 day API TES preparation courses to help potential tank entry supervisors simply pass the API Exam.  We were teaching them how to take tests, and they were relying on memorization to pass the test.

We came to the realization that individual “Certified” TES, would be in a position of authority and responsibility, relying on memory to solve a real situation in the field. Basically the potential existed of placing lives , equipment, and the environment in jeopardy. The API prep course was just that, a preparation for examination. We were basically helping the individuals cheat the true purpose of the Tank Entry Supervisor Certification process.


Over 19,000 deaths were related to Confined Space Entry during the previous decade.

U.S. Capitol, Washington D.C.

Taking It to the Next Level : Capitol Hill

Industries needed to take drastic corrective measures. Companies scrambled to develop corrective action plans to satisfy OSHA, but only after a fatality. The IQC programs were developed to improve the quality and the standards required to be a AST TES, Entry Supervisor, Incident Commander, or to form a Rescue Team. We have headquartered the IQCIA Board of Directors directly between Capitol Hill and the White House. We are deeply involved and politically active in supporting acceptance of the IQC Programs in legal jurisdictions that regulate (or are considering regulation) of the equipment covered by industry standards and certification requirements. 

White House

We have attended committee meetings and contributed our expertise to many of the Task Group Conferences on ASTs, Storage Tanks, Confined Space Entry, and Rescue. IQCIA has developed Above Ground Storage Tank Recommended Guidelines, AST Cribbing Recommended Practices and Procedures, AST Technical Safe Practices, and Confined Space Rescue Guidelines. We are committed to improvement of the API codes and recommended practices. We have and will continue to invest our time, expertise and resources in supporting the efforts of the Better Entry Supervisors Tanks (BEST) and the Individual Qualification Certification (IQC) programs at IQCIA.

We work to ensure the value of the Individual Qualification Certification process, the safety of individuals, the environment, and assets.