We bring the IQC TES program to you.



Save the expenses of having your employees travel for the IQC TES program.

It is more cost effective for IQCIA to come to you.

A minimum attendance of 8 candidates are required for a Private Certification Course to be presented at your location. All Course and Certification Fees, Course Material, Final Certification Exams and travel expenses for the Qualifying Certification Officer (Instructor) must be paid in FULL at least 60 Days of the desired private course date. The individual registrations and telephone interviews with the candidates must be completed at least 2 weeks prior to the scheduled certification course date for printing and course curriculum adjustments based on the weakest areas of knowledge of the individuals in the class.



International IQCIA TES courses require 20 participants and at least 3 months prior notice of the desired training dates.


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IQCIA will travel within the US or abroad.


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