IQC Certification Programs

Individual Qualification Certification

The IQCIA (Individual Qualification Certification Institute of America) has pioneered the IQC Programs to meet the demands of the petrochemical, chemical, and other industries. Companies around the entire world are demanding qualified and well-trained supervisors in the field to ensure the safety of their personnel.

The  B.E.S.T. Program

“Better Entry Supervision for Tanks”

Individuals trained through the IQC Programs can manage their projects safely, on time, and within budget. As an alternative to the API TES and other current certifications, IQC Certified professionals are in high demand and the preferred certification by majority of the top Fortune 100 companies in the world. Most importantly, the IQC Programs provide a method to assure the BEST Qualified and Certified professionals are supervising the work environments.


Statistically Measured Analytical Retainability Testing (S.M.A.R.T.)
determines if the individual is qualified to perform the duties, roles
and responsibilities of a Tank Entry Supervisor.



 Individual Qualification Certification Programs


IQC Supervisor Certifications

IQC PMS        Project Management Specialist               5 Days     $1495.

 IQC Supervisor Certifications

IQC ICI        Incident Commander Level I                   5 Days       $1295.
IQC TES       Tank Entry Supervisor                              5 Days       $1495.
IQC RTL       CS Rescue Team Leader/IC                     5 Days       $1295.
IQC ESI        CS Entry Supervisor I                               3 Days        $ 875.

 IQC Confined Space Rescue Team
Qualifications and Certifications

IQC RTC      CS Technical Rescue Team    Tier I        10 Days      $2495.
IQC RTC      CS  High Angel Rescue Team Tier II        5 Days      $1295. 

                                  Tank and Pipeline Inspector

IQC INS       IS  API 653 Inspector Prep Course         5 Days      $1495.

             IQC Confined Space Certifications

IQC EAI       CS Entry/Attendant                                    3 Days      $295.       

IQC AST       CS Air Systems Monitor                             2 Days      $295.      
IQC AMT      Atmospheric / Ventilation Tech                2 Days      $295.

            IQC Hazardous Material Certifications

IQC FRT        First Responder Technician (40 hour)     4 Days      $495.       

IQC ICI         Incident Commander Haz Mat                 2 Days      $295.    

                IQC SPILL Response Certifications

IQC OSRO       First Responder Technician                     5 Days      $2,495.       

IQC ICOSRO   Incident Commander OSRO                    3 Days      $1,295.

NOTE: IQC Certifications remain valid for 3 years with a re-certification required every three years. Refreshers are 1-2 days depending on the IQC course and level of certification.

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