Injury Illness Prevention Program


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  The STOP Accidents Injury Illness Prevention Program

Reduce Workplace Injuries! Save on Workers Compensation Insurance! Mandatory in California! 

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We offer a complete Injury Illness Prevention Program that is OSHA and CAL-OSHA compliant, written by our certified experts. Download and customize a complete IIPP Safety Program Today! Ready in just 3 minutes!

Develop your own Injury Illness Prevention Program or let us customize one for you.

WHY HAVE AN Injury Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) IN YOUR WORKPLACE?

Without a proper injury prevention program in place, your workplace is more vulnerable to costly accidents. In California Title 8 of the Labor Code requires every California employer to have an effective Injury Illness Prevention Program. A recent speech by OSHA Chief David Michaels discusses a proposed OSHA federal standard that would require employers to implement an Injury Illness Prevention Program tailored to the actual hazards of their workplace. The speech is available HERE.

In addition to the ever increasing costs of compliance, the actual cost of a lost workday due to a workplace injury is substantial. Every accident has direct and indirect hidden costs.

  • Time lost by the injured employee
  • Time lost by employees and supervisors attending to the accident victim
  • Downtime for operations interrupted by accident
  • Time spent hiring or retraining individuals to replace injured worker
  • Time and cost for repair of any damaged equipment or materials
  • Full or partial continuation of employee’s wages, plus compensation
  • Lower efficiency caused by reduced morale among employees
  • Increased workers compensation costs

The STOP Accidents Injury Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) will help reduce costs, increase workplace safety, reduce insurance premiums and promote a culture of safety and health among your employees.

We offer a comprehensive IIPP Safety Program that is compliant with current OSHA standards as well as CAL-OSHA standards for download and customization. Our certified safety experts can also assist you in developing a safety program for specific hazards in your workplace.


OSHA Plans and Manuals Will Keep You In Compliance.

Since 1998, OSHA Plans has been a full service independent safety and regulatory consulting firm. The provide a full range of services in areas of loss control, workers? compensation claim reduction and management, of OSHA, E.P.A., AQMD, DOT, & DOL compliance and appeals mediation
Over the past 13 years, our OSHA Assistance System has been instrumental in saving clients millions of dollars in reduced workers compensation claims cost and premiums by:

  • Maximizing their loss control and management programs.
  • Eliminating or minimizing the high cost of OSHA citations.
  • Representing clients with OSHA disputes. We have a 100% success record on OSHA appeals.