S.M.A.R.T.  System

Statistically Measured Analytical Retainability Testing

S.M.A.R.T. (Statistically Measured Analytical Retainability Testing) method provides the Qualifying Certification Officers “QCO” with the information and level of understanding of each applicant.

The SMART system measures the individuals reasoning process during  selection of his or hers answers of their current knowledge, analyzes the retainability and understanding by the statistics compiled during the Qualification and Certification Course. The QCO and Board analyzes this information to identify each individual’s weak areas, any misinformation, and the current level of understanding upon entering the IQC Program. The Master QCO monitors the QCO and the Course in order to adjust the certification curriculum for that class and each individual, to make the weak areas strong, correct any misinformation, and make the strong areas stronger. The Master QCO analyzes the statistical data provided by every SMART test taken by the individual during the IQC course.  

Provided the Individual scores a minimum of 75% on the final, the test questions answered incorrectly on the final exam are sent to each candidate to research and submit the correct answers to their QCO, and must be at 100% prior to submittal to the Master QCO and the Board for IQC Approval. The SMART system, QCO’s and the Master QCO assures the Board of Directors that each IQC applicant understands, retains, and can successfully apply those qualifications and responsibilities represented by the IQCIA IQC certification applied.

Logo 2 small However, the Board of Directors reviews each applicant’s verified work history, years of experience, test answers and reasoning process. How well the individual understands and retained the material, and most importantly, can the individual perform his or her duties as required by the IQCIA standards, before certification is granted.

Integrity  Quality  Compliance  Intelligent  Accurate.

smart2The SMART System was designed and developed over a span of 16 years by three dedicated individuals that saw the need for an unbiased test for students. A test that could identify what a student really knows, identify misinformation,  and measure what the student retains during the course curriculum. The test had to define through analysis and statistics, how well the student comprehends and can process the new information.  But most important, how well the candidate understands the practical “in the field” application and will they retain that knowledge.

The most difficult equation and variable developed inside the SMART Testing System’s Brain is to statistically measure the ability of the individual to recall the retained information and correctly apply it during practical applications.

The Development Team

The SMART team consisted of three people, two PhD’s in Psychology, each highly respected heads of  their Psychology Departments at major universities.  The third team member has dedicated 34 years as a Master Trainer in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power Generation, Safety, and IDLH Confined Space Rescue Industries.

The SMART Test System was tested for 12 years in both private and public educations systems ranging from elementary school to high school, including technical and vocational schools. The most extensive testing was conducted at major colleges and universities in the US and Internationally. 

The SMART System is IQCIA copyright protected and used exclusively for the Individual Qualification Certification Programs.