Individual Qualification and Certification


Memorization of the course material well enough to pass a certification such as API TES, certainly  does not provide any evidence that the individual understands, retains and can accurately apply his or her knowledge in the real world situations. One mistake can kill an entire tank crew.

tank cleanning

The Individual Qualification and Certification eliminates all doubt, and provides the individual with the confidence and knowledge to be part of the BEST.

 Better Entry Supervisors for Tanks



IQCIA Programs have been developed to Qualify the Individual.

Simply Passing a Test does not magically provide you with the knowledge or the ability to perform the duties and responsibilities of your certification.

The IQC program will verify through a very tough testing & learning course, the individuals knowledge, understanding, practical application, experience level and abilities. This is the Individual Qualification before Certification Program.

The IQC process begins with the entry assessment exam, the SMART testing system has been developed, tested, and proven in elementary and technical schools, and extensively at American and Foreign universities.

The valuable information compiled from the SMART system immediately provides the instructor, each individual’s current knowledge, experience level, understanding, identifies any misinformation, and the individual’s ability to properly execute his or her responsibilities of the applied IQC.


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