Broad Expertise vs. Limited Resources


IQCIA’s Multidisciplinary curriculum covers everything from Confined Space Entry and IDLH Rescue, to AST internal collapsed floating roofs, regulations, laws, and other related supporting documents. To ensure accurate coverage of all these diverse areas we use instructors (QCO) Qualification Certification Officers, with extensive backgrounds and the best credentials to write, edit, and present our courses. No one QCO instructor may be an authority in all areas; but all QCO instructors have direct access to the Board of Directors, the ultimate authority on this subject. This cooperative development ensures that the IQCIA has the accuracy and added depth that other training companies cannot match with their limited resources and lack of hands-on-experience. Candidates attending our IQC (Individual Qualification Certification) courses after attending others have commended on our added in-depth coverage.


The real field experiences shared during discussions on the various recommended practices, helps the process of better understanding. This allows the IQC candidate to apply that knowledge in the field where it counts the most.

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